Faucet Face

Americans spend over 11 billion dollars a year on bottled water. Much of this is driven by celebrity endorsements, advertising, and PR campaigns crafted to weaken people's perception of tap water.

Faucet Face is a reusable water bottle company I founded to combat this. We wanted to make it fun to drink tap water and give a voice to an otherwise ignored public utility.

Additionally for every bottle sold, 100 liters of water got cleaned for a family in rural India through our biosand filter

initiative. Through this program hundreds of families have received long lasting concrete biosand filters.

To date we've sold bottles on Fab, Chapters Indigo (the largest bookstore chain in Canada), Urban Outfitters, Modcloth, Paper Source, Trina Turk and many more.

Bottle illustrations by Ray Fenwick, Seb Lester, and Anneka Tran. Get yours here!

Role: Founding, Creative Direction, Art Direction
Client: Faucet Face
Illustrations by: Rey Fenwick, Seb Lester, Anneka Tran, Simon Walker, & Glenn Jones