When Francesca's came to us, their brand was stale. Their core audience of 11-15 yr old women had grown more sophisticated than when the company was first founded in 2006. Ten years later, these young women now preferred hipper brands like Nasty Gal and Nylon. At the same time, our creative brief stated the rebrand shouldn't alienate the parents of these young women. This was a delicate balance. But we came up with a few solution which tested very well with both young women and their parents.

The concept behind the design below, was the idea of an "editorial" browsing experience. In the same way that a young woman might casually page through an issue of Vogue, we wanted to reimagine that eperience on the web. Breezy but compelling. And since these young women we're coming into their own and figuring out their sense of style, we wanted to hold their hand a bit and suggest item pairings that worked well together.

  • Role: Visual Design, Art Direction
  • Client: Francesca's
  • Agency: Phenomenon
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