Color Supply

Color Supply is a color picking tool I created to help designers and developers pick colors for their interactive projects. It's a more curated color picker than other color pickers like Adobe Kuler, and all of the palettes are rooted in color theory. The site regularly goes viral on Twitter.

Try it for yourself here.

  • Role: Product Design, UX/UI
  • Client: Color Supply

With most color tools, the colors you pick for a project are an abscractiom until you put them in your design project. Color Supply saves users time by showing them what each color palette looks in an actual layout.


I wanted the color wheel to be a joy to click – so I made these fun elastic tweens happen each time they click. It gives the experience a nice tacticle quality.


All of the default wheels in the app are based on Color Theory. Your five options are ‘complementary', ‘triad', 'split-complement', ‘triad', or ‘square'.

After conducting a number of surveys I discovered that many professional designers wanted even more colors options. That led to the creation of these custom wheels which I made availble to premium users.

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