Faucet Face

Americans spend 11 billion dollars a year on bottled water. Much of this is driven by celebrity endorsements, advertising, and PR campaigns crafted to weaken people's perception of tap water. Faucet Face is a reusable bottle company I created to combat this. I created the brand, sourced the manufacturing, and hired talented illustrators to execute my vision.

  • Role: Product Design, Branding, Creative Direction

I designed the bottles to be about three times thicker than a Snapple bottle. This greatly helped with durability. A few customers said they dropped their bottle on the pavement from waist height and it still didn't break.

Most large retailers require bar codes, so I had fun with ours - the code looks like it's coming out of a faucet. This bar code style is popular in Japan.


On this bottle the hose is wrapped up and stored on the back – much like how a garden hose would be stored on the back of a house.


I made a unique point of purchase displays for each style of bottle. This is the display for 'Hose Water'. These displays didn't get as much use as I had hoope wanted due to space constraints at our retail locations.


The best part of Faucet Face is the charitble aspect. For every bottle sold, 100 liters of water is purified for a family in rural India through our biosand filter initiative. These biosand filters are amazing. Within each concreate container is several different types of sand. As water gets poured in at the top, containimants are extracted at each sand layer.

To date, the bottles have sold at Fab, Urban Outfitters, Modcloth, Paper Source, Trina Turk, and many more.

In 2013 I sold the company to a private equity investor who continues to run it today (including the clean water initiative.)

Get yours here.

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