Mr. Cooper

Nationstar came to us with a problem. They were one of the nations largest mortgage lenders, but they had too many unhappy customers. They needed a reset. So we dug into customer complaints and explored the mortgage lending process. What we found was an industry rife with outdated business practices and difficult to understand industry jargon. Nationstar didn't need a new logo, they needed to redo the way they did business.

To their credit, they agreed! To embody this new way of doing business, we created Mr. Cooper. Mr. Cooper was modeled on the one thing people often DID like about the home buying process - their mortgage broker. Mr. Cooper was honest, helpful, and always had their best interest at heart. In every customer interaction on the site, we asked ourselves what would Mr. Cooper do?

  • Role: Art Direction, Visual Design
  • Client: Nationstar
  • Agency: Phenomenon
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